Compliance Alert!

Medicare Part D Notice Reminder 

The Annual Notice Deadline is October 14, 2019 

Employer group health plans that include prescription drug coverage must provide a Medicare Part D  creditable and/or non-creditable coverage notice (“Notice”), as applicable, each year to all Medicare-eligible  employees and dependents before the annual October 15th Medicare Part D enrollment period. The purpose  of this annual Notice is to notify Medicare beneficiaries whether or not their employer’s prescription drug  coverage is at least as good as Medicare’s prescription drug coverage, in order to help them decide whether  to enroll in Medicare Part D.  

Take Action 

Employers should review their prescription drug coverage to determine creditable coverage status and  distribute the appropriate Notice on or before October 14th. If a plan has multiple benefit options providing  prescription drug coverage, the test must be applied separately for each benefit option. 

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