Next Free Podcast “Take 5 with MB” 

Introducing Our New Podcast Series!

“Take 5 with MB”

We will be doing short 10 minute sessions sharing insight on breaking news to help you manage your benefits programs in 2021 and Beyond!
Stop Loss – Listen to our discussion on the current stop loss market and hear why this year’s renewal could be more difficult than expected!
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 Planning the Benefits for 2021 – This discussion focused on the things you should be doing early in the new year! 
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December 2nd: Data – Cut through the Chaos-What should you be asking your carriers?  Our 5 minute discussion will help you map your plan!
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December 9th: Total Reward Statements – Healthcare is second in cost to only payroll!  Do your employees know what you contribute in addition to their salary?
January 6th: New year, New Strategy – Join our New Year Discussion to talk about the 2021 Benefits Strategy!

Turning Insight Into Action!

To Hear a recordings of the past Webinar Series 

Contact me at  Or   484-755-9444


While most of the conferences will be canceled for the foreseeable future, I want to invite you to stay connected with us via our free webinars.   

In the meantime – Stay Well and Healthy!  and try this perspective shift:

Instead of seeing “social distancing” and travel bans as panic, try seeing them as acts of mass cooperation intended to protect the collective whole.   This plan is not about individuals going into hiding.  It’s a global deep breath…. An agreement between humans around the planet to be still.  Be still, in hopes that the biggest wave can pass without engulfing too many of the vulnerable among us.                    

By Dr. Lindsay Jernigan