March 25, 2018

The Grand Dame of Healthcare Reigns Supreme and maintains the record for highest opening keynote scores!! Thank you Marybeth!!!!   

Your commitment to these programs and your alignment with our educational focus allows us to achieve stellar ratings such as these year after year.  We look forward to our continued partnership and working together to make 2018 the best year yet.

Best,  Kelly 

Kelly W. Graham,  VP & Director      University Conference Services


Workshop Evaluation Comments form  Attending Employers  March 27, 2018

#15: Value-Based Plan Designs: Taking the Healthcare Market by Storm  by   Marybeth Gray, Trion

Awesome! Best presenter here – most knowledgeable. Thank you! Would love to have ½ to full day session. • Very knowledgeable. Be good to give Marybeth a combined session to provide a full plan and strategy.

• As always – so engaging and informative!

• Good. Repeat of this morning. Hoping for more details on HDHP, HRA and core plan, multi-plan value-based plans. Maybe even discussion about multi-tier based on employee salary.

 “Always Great”

•Very informative. A lot of what you said is what we do, but there is a lot more that I don’t.

•I am here primarily for DC plans, but also to take information back to CFO and Director of HR on healthcare. Handouts are fabulous and self-explanatory. One of the best prepared speakers so far.

•Marybeth is the main reason I come to this conference!

•Excellent speaker!

•Great information. Great presentation. We’ll be meeting with Mercer when we get home to have them help with implementation. We have a relationship with Mercer – the step sister.

•Outstanding session – best one of the day! Can your firm help a company in Idaho?

MB is always great. She always has a ton of information. Trion is a huge asset to our company.

•Very informative.

•Love Marybeth’s passion and enthusiasm.

•Marybeth Gray was very knowledgeable and her presentation was filled with an abundance of thought provoking data. I have many action items to take away from this presentation.

•Love the detail, examples. Information very, very helpful.

•Great! Wish you were my advisor! Do you have any clients in Texas? ??.

I have done business with Mercer and Trion in the past. Your passion is clear and encouraging to use your firm again.

•First time at this conference. So much great information.

•Wonderful speaker. Perfect targeted presentation.

•Thank you!

•Keep the tension in a productive way and let the carriers see each other in the lobby. WOW I never thought about that. I’m bringing this strategy back to the office.

•Loves the passion Marybeth has on this subject. Joined her 20-minute power lunch. Love it

GlaxoSmithKline:  “For over 20 years, Marybeth has worked with GlaxoSmithKline as a highly valued benefits advisor and business partner. She consistently brings to the relationship an exceptional customer focus, proposing innovative and dynamic strategies and works seamlessly with our team as a trusted consultant. She is a major asset to us in the area of benefits strategy and solutions.”

Ricoh:   “Marybeth has been a value added partner supporting our benefits needs for over 15 years and viewed as a key member of our extended Senior Human Resources team. She brings a passion, energy and creative approach to provide employers strategies to help balance the expense and complex world of benefits. Her knowledge and expertise continues to provide us valuable solutions to maintain a competitive benefits offering to employees.”

 “Marybeth provides cutting edge ideas and other unique vendor solutions to help manage your company’s health care. She realizes you cannot use a “cookie cutter” approach for every employer. Her insight in assisting employers with analytical data and determining what is most effective for their population has been invaluable.”