1. How do I contact Marybeth?
E-mail: MBGray@Trion.com
Phone: 610-945-1270    or    484-755-9444

2. How do I learn about what consulting service you can provide to my organization?
We would be happy to set aside time to discuss what programs and services are of interest to you and your organization and provide a detailed Scope of Services with pricing for your review. Please call or send an e-mail with a request for a conference call.

3. What the key differences in the consulting service you offer than the current consultant I use today?
Our consulting process delivers expertise for not only purchasing better, but creating a valuable ongoing understanding of plan performance and how that knowledge can be used to more effectively control expenses. We become partners with our clients and an extension of the clients HR team with our unique five person team approach.
We are all very proud of the entrepreneurial–spirited, energetic, and credentialed organization that we have become over the past 25 years. We’ve grown to become a leader in the market with a strong client focus, thought leadership, financial underwriting expertise, and leveraged buying power. It’s these things—along with our focused and driven approach to consulting and unique process in serving clients—that truly set us apart from our competitors.
We approach to the benefits consulting and procurement process using our dedicated team of experts to surround each client enables us to take the work off your desk and provides you with the tools you need to manage the benefits without the heavy lifting. Our operational premise of “unique abilities” gives you experts to go to for the answers you seek, when you need them.
Highlighted below are some additional areas where we excel and offer a significantly different model than our competition specifically in the healthcare industry:

• Client team of 5 people with unique responsibilities: We have extensive experience working with organizations that are mid-sized employers 200 FTEs – 20,000 employees.    As you know,  in the past 5-8 years – managing healthcare is much more complex with healthcare reform and compliance and the high cost specialty drugs and gene therapies over $1M dollars per treatment just to mention a few issues we have to manage!   Our expert team members clearly differentiate us from our competition. We hire seasoned industry recognized experts that fit clients’ needs. Our expertise provides our clients innovative ideas and best practices used by some of the most sophisticated peer clients in the industry.     My teams approach will give you a group of experts in each area with more than 20 year’s average industry related experience and none of our work is pushed down to junior associates.
• Process for negotiating with carriers. We present our technical underwriting assessment to the marketplace through a Request for Proposal. Driven from an underwriting exercise we do internally prior to marketing your information, this sets carrier expectations on the acceptable rating range prior to them establishing their baseline. We have been extraordinarily effective in framing expectations to the carriers for our client’s advantage in this unique approach. The pharmacy coalitions we have developed are just one of the areas we have built preferential pricing. Others include stop loss coalitions and captives as well as a life and disability coalition.
We can say with confidence that we truly will become part of your team and will endeavor to understand your business and objectives.


Marybeth Gray
Trion Group, a Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC