“For over 20 years, Marybeth has worked with GlaxoSmithKline as a highly valued benefits advisor and business partner. She consistently brings to the relationship an exceptional customer focus, proposing innovative and dynamic strategies and works seamlessly with our team as a trusted consultant. She is a major asset to us in the area of benefits strategy and solutions.”

“Marybeth has been a value added partner supporting our benefits needs for over 15 years and viewed as a key member of our extended Senior Human Resources team. She brings a passion, energy and creative approach to provide employers strategies to help balance the expense and complex world of benefits. Her knowledge and expertise continues to provide us valuable solutions to maintain a competitive benefits offering to employees.”

“Marybeth provides cutting edge ideas and other unique vendor solutions to help manage your company’s health care. She realizes you cannot use a “cookie cutter” approach for every employer. Her insight in assisting employers with analytical data and determining what is most effective for their population has been invaluable.”